Helped Renter Coming from Japan

About Ms. Emily Lurie:

I was very happy and lucky to have an agent like Emily to help me find a home to rent in Montgomery County. I just came from Japan and had almost no knowledge about the leasing market in the Bethesda area. Looking around at several houses with Emily, I gradually learned about the market and figured out the most suitable location for me. She also completely understood what we were looking for and what the conditions were. She was unique in that she has experience helping families from other countries and helped guide me through the process. I was impressed with her because I could express my tiny concerns and silly requests without any hesitance. She could understand my thoughts almost perfectly and worked on my behalf.

When we signed the lease together, she carefully looked at the lease and explained everything to me. She raised issued with the landlord that were not in my best interest and she successfully revised them for me. I could trust her professionalism, and now I’m very satisfied with my decision to have her assist me. Living in this house is an ideal place for my family, and I can say so even after living here for a month. Thanks to Emily and for her support, and I look forward to working with her again.

Best regards,  Norihiro Suzaki, Deputy General Manager Hitachi Corporation, Japan

Barbara Ciment, Realtor