Market Rising Steadily

The monthly Case-Schiller residential sales report that spans 20 major metropolitan areas showed that home prices had risen at the fastest pace in over 7 years at 12.4%. Their data reports on May-July 2013. For a good summary and a worthwhile article see, Wall Street Journal

My web site provides even more current analysis of August 2013 just for Montgomery County, see My Monthly Market Snapshot ReportIt shows that in that month alone prices increased by 9.9%.

Even more current, I am now working on my October Newsletter and looking at early returns of Montgomery County for the Third Quarter ’13 (July-September 2013). With 5 more days to go in September, volume is already up 9% and prices are up over last year’s 3rd Quarter by 8.7%. The market may be cooling from May-July pace but, it is rising steadily now.

Barbara Ciment, Realtor