Post-Storm Distress Syndrome

After the storm is over, after the debris has cleared, we still need to get our sellers and buyers through settlement. Although it is November 1, I am still trying to finish off three settlements that were scheduled for the last week of October, 2012. Even though our area did not take the full brunt of Sandy, lenders and buyers are properly wary that there may be storm damage and are requiring re-inspections prior to closings. This is added stress and I am confident it will all work but, you never can count it a sale until it is all legally closed. That is the lesson of Sandy and all the other no-name storms that seem to always hit before a settlement. I am always there to help bring in the needed services (tree removal, building inspectors, repair personnel,…) to help expedite the closing. This has been a very busy week where that expertise has been vital, as we are putting the finishing touches on three deals.

Barbara Ciment, Realtor