Reliable Neighborhood/Subdivision Searches

When you decide to either buy or sell your home, like most people, you most probably enjoy doing your own “due diligence” by browsing through some listings. Now, when you finally get serious about moving to an area, do you search by City or Zip Code? The answer usually is, yes, because that is the way you get accurate geo-info. But, in reality you don’t want all that extra data, you want some specific Neighborhoods (aka subdivisions). Well, subdivision searches on most services outside the MLS are difficult and very often return false information. Try some service and check some neighborhood/subdivision search that you know and you will be very surprised if you get any result and especially, a correct result. But, now you can get neighborhood/subdivision searches that you can save online. Early next year, you will also be able to get neighborhood/subdivision Alerts! Check us out

Barbara Ciment, Realtor