Sue and Jacque Gorlin

Dear Barbara,
Now that we have closed on our house, w would like to thank you for your extraordinary assistance in selling the house during these difficult times.  We do not know of any other real estate broker in the Kemp Mill area who would have demonstrated the degree of devotion to his or her client that you demonstrated on our behalf.  We especially valued your knowledge of the local real estate market.  The only comment that we can make to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Kemp Mill area of Silver Spring if that he or she would have to be negligent not to use your services.
As you know, our situation was particularly stressful: we moved overseas with our house unsold.  At that point, you assured us that you would not only continue to do everything that a real estate broker does to get our house sold but that you would also make sure that the house was properly maintained, something that, … would have been our responsibility.
Our confidence in you was not misplaced.  You kept your word: you worked overtime to find a buyer and were an effective intermediary and advisor during the negotiations on the sale of the property.  More importantly, however, you handled all of the necessary paper and other work leading up to the closing.  Prior to our leaving …, you made sure that we left a Power of Attorney so that the eventual sale would not be dependent on our coming back to the area.  You also found us contractors to fill in the few shortcomings that the home inspection revealed and took the lead in making sure that the house was in final condition for the handover at the closing.
Because of your efforts beyond the call of duty, we always felt that we were in control of the situation, notwithstanding that we were in a different time zone 6,000 miles away.  Thanks and take care,    Sellers: Sue and Jacques Gorlin

Barbara Ciment, Realtor